We Answer Your Top 10 Questions About EAP Programs

Published On: February 3, 2021|Categories: Employee Assistance Program|
We Answer Your Top 10 Questions About EAP Programs

Whether you’re considering an EAP program for your company, thinking about giving your EAP counselor a call yourself, or simply more interested in the specifics of an employee assistance program, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve outlined the top ten questions about EAP programs, from what it is to what it does to how it can help both employer and employee. With a little information about EAPs and their benefits for all aspects of the company, you’ll better understand all of the differences that employee assistance programs can make.

What is an EAP? 

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers a wide variety of confidential treatment, everything from relationship therapy to substance use treatment to financial asset management services. It is a service which employees can utilize to better their quality of life and thereby improve their overall work performance.

How does an EAP work?

It can be intimidating to reach out to an EAP counselor; at Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP, we are eager to hear your story and offer the help you need. We will talk with you about whatever is going on in your life and provide resources, recovery strategies and attainable goals in the hopes of keeping a small stressor from escalating into an unmanageable one.

What kinds of issues will an EAP counselor handle?

A conversation with an EAP doesn’t have to be about work-related problems, although conflicts with managers and coworkers are commonly discussed. People also utilize EAPs to discuss issues in their personal lives, from substance abuse, to grief and loss, to marriage and family conflicts, to even psychological disorders. No matter what it is you need to talk about, we’re here to listen.  

Does an EAP help work productivity? 

Yes! Generally speaking, when quality of life is up, so is one’s motivation at work, which means higher productivity levels. Studies have shown that impaired employees only function at about 75% capacity. What does this mean for your business? For every four employees dealing with stressors impacting their work performance, you as an employer are losing a full employee’s worth of work per day. Fortunately, employee assistance programs like Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP can help your employees improve workplace productivity.

How does an EAP benefit my company overall? 

Aside from boosting productivity, EAPs can also reduce employee absenteeism and sick leave, workplace violence risks and worker compensation claims. In addition, it boosts employee retention so you don’t have to deal with the financial losses of employee turnover, and it improves overall employee wellness which directly enhances the culture of your business’s environment.  

What will it cost me to use my employee assistance program’s benefits?

As an employee, it costs you nothing to use your employee assistance program benefits. Our services are completely free for all employees. We’re here to talk with you when you need it most. For employers, we are happy to take your call and discuss specifically the benefits integrating an EAP would provide for you.

Is my use of employee assistance program services confidential?

Whatever is discussed in an EAP counseling session is 100% confidential. Nothing will be shared with your employer unless you give us permission to do so. 

Will using an EAP impact my job?

There are no negative consequences in utilizing an EAP, especially when it comes to your own job security. You will not be penalized for calling and talking about home or work-related issues with one of our counselors. The only impact you will see on your job is work performance. We strive to help you rekindle your zest for life and motivation in all areas, whether it be home or work. 

I need help now – can I call?

Not only are EAP services free and confidential, but they are available 24/7. We know sometimes situations just can’t wait and we understand when you just need to talk to someone. No matter when you choose to call, we’re here to listen and work through the difficulties with you.

Who can use the EAP services?

No one is immune to the challenges of life. Employers, employees and members of their household are welcomed and encouraged to use employee assistance program services when they need it. For issues such as grief and loss or marriage and family, we know more than one person will be affected and we want to make sure everyone in your family receives the help they need.  

EAP programs help you put your best foot forward

EAPs are proven to offer help in more ways than one, but the main goal of any EAP is a simple one: to improve your quality of life. At Mazzitti & Sullivan, we work with our clients to understand their needs and their stories, to provide them with resources best suited to them. When it comes to caring for the well-being of your employees, an EAP could be the solution you need. Call us at 1-800-543-5080, or check us out online, to discover all of the ways that an employee assistance program can help you and your employees address all of life’s challenges.

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