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Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Provide excellent customer service to each employee in their area of need, producing a healthy and engaged workforce for our corporate clients.

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We know how challenging it can be to reach out and call—but please know that the staff of Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP is always eager to listen and offer assistance to those who need it.

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Core Values

Dedication – Unwavering commitment to the Pyramid Healthcare mission: to always provide exceptional care and support to those we serve.

Collaboration – Steadfast, team-focused approach; working together to achieve excellence.

Passion – Genuine, compelling and relentless desire to improve lives.

Integrity – Every behavior with others is always honest, transparent and ethical.

Our Dedication
Spans 30+ Years

Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP was formed in 1983 out of a desire to help people and provide excellent client care. Since then, the business has only grown stronger and more dedicated to its clients over the years with the addition of innovative services and solutions to common problems faced by employers.

Today, Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP contracts with hundreds of employers and covers hundreds of thousands of lives across the nation.

In 2016, Mazzitti & Sullivan joined the largest behavioral healthcare organization in the state of Pennsylvania, Pyramid Healthcare, Inc.

Guiding You to Success

EAP benefits vary by employer. For specific benefit information, please contact us directly. We are happy to explain our services and your benefit information.

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