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Employee assistance programs are not created equal. If you’re a broker, you’ve made it a habit to invest in people, helping employees maintain quality of life inside and outside of the office. You’ve committed yourself to a lasting mission – pairing these individuals with resources that can help them face life’s challenges, navigate life’s conflicts and receive assistive treatment.

We work closely with brokers like yourself, to meet employee needs as they arise. From substance use therapy to relationship counseling, FDA-approved medication to adoption assistance, we’re committed to benefitting the whole person. In order to satisfy clients’ ever-changing needs, we’ve closely aligned ourselves to your needs: we learn your industry and craft personal solutions for their needs.

Why do brokers prefer Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services?

1. Quicker response times to your questions and RFPs

By creating a superior job benchmark, you are setting your organization up for a successful hire. The benchmarking process takes into account the intangibles of a job and its candidates to allow you to select the individual who will fit best. This process reduces turnover and increases engagement. We also pride ourselves in prioritizing same-day response times for all Requests for Proposal (RFPs). Where other employee assistance programs will grind your productivity to a halt while they take days, sometimes weeks, to respond, we seek to answer questions, address objections and provide insight that will inform the decisions you make on behalf of your clients. We respond to requests in a matter of hours, not days, making your decision as a broker even easier.

This is the standard that Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP has maintained since it was first founded in 1983. We recognize that questions warrant answers, which is what guides our service every day.

2. Decreased overall stress

As a broker, your clients’ pain points are your own. You feel your clients’ conflicts, take their concerns to heart and prioritize what’s most important to them. It’s in your best interest to partner with an employee assistance program that shares your passion for employee well-being, and we’ve made that decision easier than ever. Pairing your clients’ needs with appropriate treatment modalities – from counseling to therapy to life coaching – does as much to ease your stress as it does to ease burdens.

We focus on all of your clients’ concerns, even if they register outside of what a typical Human Resources department handles. In fact, unlike most HR departments we specialize in helping address some of life’s most pressing challenges, including grief and loss, marital issues and chemical dependency. Watch your own stress subside as we help employees overcome personal and professional conflicts.

3. Top-quality services at enviable price points

Not only can we offer decreased response times and more comprehensive coverage; these top-quality EAP services also come at affordable price points. As a broker, you understand that service quality is often overshadowed by compromising pricing. We never want cost to prevent the right client from receiving the right treatment. That’s why we work with brokers to better understand your industry and your clients, so that we can craft employee assistance program packages specific to employee needs and employee-preferred pricing alike.

Help clients overcome personal and professional challenges

You’re there for your clients during their most difficult moments. And we’re here for you: quicker RFP response times and answers to your questions, combined with high-quality service at rates below our competitors, help to ease your stress from day one.

We offer a wide variety of resources specifically for brokers, to help your clients overcome whatever challenges life brings. Services include onsite counseling, conflict resolution, succession planning and even broker training. Get started with Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP today, and we’ll help you meet your clients’ personal and work-related needs.

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