At M&S EAP, we’re thrilled to have been helping thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of employees across the United States, Canada and Mexico thrive since 1983.

While we’re here to answer your questions and provide information about our offerings, we believe real-life stories from business leaders who have had positive experiences working with us are much more impactful than anything we could say.

In these videos, clients share how M&S EAP has benefitted their business and helped them to maximize their full potential. You can also read client testimonials here.

CCAP Feature Testimonial

EAP Services for 67 Pennsylvania Counties

John Sallade, managing director of CCAP insurance programming, notes M&S EAP’s capacity for fun, engaging programming as a cornerstone for a successful relationship between M&S EAP and CCAP. EAP services help Pennsylvania counties recognize and address any concerns employees might be facing, and represent a caring approach on behalf of the county toward all of its staffing to help individuals address and overcome challenges.

Our Videos

CCAP Employee Benchmarking System Testimonial

Job Searching | M&S EAP (2:11)

M&S EAP provides the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) with an employee benchmarking system successful in creating a CCAP hiring system that identifies potential candidates according to job and corporate fit.

CCAP Critical Incident Management Testimonial

Navigating Workplace Trauma | M&S EAP (2:50)

M&S EAP provides the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) with critical incident management services, helping staff navigate and effectively overcome workplace trauma.

CCAP Risk Management Testimonial

Personnel Training | M&S EAP (1:58)

M&S EAP provides the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) with valuable risk management and personnel training, equipping HR Directors, supervisors and staff with the resources they need to foster a risk-averse workplace.

IU13 EAP Testimonial

14 Years of Faithfully Supporting Employees | M&S EAP (12:34)

M&S EAP provides Lancaster & Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 with employee assistance programming tailored specifically to an education-based environment, helping staff process thoughts and feelings, and deal with home and workplace issues, productively.

IU13 EAP Testimonial

EAP Services that Accommodate Ever-Changing Needs | M&S EAP (3:30)

From minor workplace disagreements to significant onsite grief and trauma, M&S EAP provides appropriate care to help staff process emotions naturally and productively. In the event of a workplace tragedy, Steinour booked M&S EAP for months-long onsite visits and says the agreement was finalized within the hour. “I don’t know what we would’ve done without M&S by our side” he said.

PSECU EAP Testimonial

A Partner in Wellness | M&S EAP (2:48)

M&S EAP provides the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU) with assistive employee programming, to show staff that management prioritizes health and well-being. Pennsylvania’s largest credit union – currently serving over 450,000 members and managing more than $6 billion in assets – is not-for-profit, allowing it to return revenue to its employees in the form of free services and low rates.

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