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Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP covers hundreds of thousands of lives across the nation, and our services offer the high-touch, personalized nature that our clients have come to expect. We equip employees at all levels with the right tools and resources to manage everything from day-to-day stressors to life-altering events. This in turn helps your staff to be happy, healthy, and productive, which leads to decreased absenteeism, reduced turnover and improved work performance — all of which add to your bottom line, making Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP a valuable asset for your organization.

What Makes Mazzitti &
Sullivan Employee Assistance Program Different?

As an HR professional, you care about the health and well-being of your employees. So do we. That is why our team partners with you to support you in the ever-changing HR world. We build strong working relationships with our clients to successfully improve employee wellness and address the various areas that can affect employee performance.

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Employee Assistance Program: Nationwide Provider

Nationwide provider network with thousands of clinicians

Employee Assistance Program: Client Solutions Specialist

Dedicated Client Solutions Specialist for your organization

Employee Assistance Program: On Site Services

On-site services

Employee Assistance Program: Availability

24/7/365 availability

Employee Assistance Program: Promotional Materials

Promotional materials

Employee assistance program quarterly reports

Quarterly utilization reports

Customizable Services

Employee Assistance Program: Pre-Hire Assessment

Pre-hire Assessment Tools and Consulting

Employee Assistance Program: Professional Development and Training

Professional Development and Training

Employee Assistance Program: Leadership Development

Leadership Development and Succession Planning

Employee Assistance Program: Organizational Development Survey

Organizational Development Surveys

Employee Assistance Program: Retirement Consultation

Retirement Consultation and Outplacement Services


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Mazzitti & Sullivan Employee Assistance Program utilizes the world’s most reliable assessment tools for talent management. Through our Compass services, we provide several supplemental tools and consulting services for your organization, including:

  • Professional development, training and workshops
  • Assessment tools for hiring
  • Teambuilding
  • Leadership development
  • Conflict resolution
  • And more!
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Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP offers a nationwide provider network in addition to a number of comprehensive programs that we can tailor to meet the needs of your employees.

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EAP benefits vary by employer. For specific benefit information, please contact us directly at 1-800-543-5080. We are happy to explain our services and your benefit information.

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