EAP: A Win for Both Employers and Employees

Published On: February 25, 2017|Categories: Employee Assistance Program|
EAP A Win for Both Employers and Employees

An employee assistance program provides workers with a way to find help for dealing with personal and work-related issues. Without this help, these issues could decrease employees’ quality of life, interfere with job performance, reduce profits and decrease the organization’s productivity.

Employees experiencing work-related stress or problems outside of the workplace, such as mental health issues or substance use disorders, can receive assistance through an EAP. Counseling programs offered through an EAP provide services to employees to support improved mental health, as well as fostering a healthy work/life balance.

The Numbers

Approximately one in four adults in our nation are affected by a mental health disorder, a substance abuse disorder or both.1

More than 75 percent of people suffering from behavioral health disorders are in the workforce.

Unfortunately, most people suffering from behavioral health issues do not receive the care they need, for a variety of reasons:

  • Fears of being stigmatized
  • No means to pay for care
  • Limited or no access to mental health care providers

Employee Benefits

When employees experiencing behavioral health issues have access to an EAP, they can get the help they need. There is no “one size fits all” plan, but at its core, an EAP has important benefits:

It’s Confidential: Assistance provided through an EAP is confidential. The resources offered by an EAP give employees an avenue to talk about sensitive issues and receive treatment confidentially.

24-Hour Access to Services: The best EAPs provide a hotline that employers and employees alike can contact 24 hours a day. This round-the-clock access eliminates any assistance delay.

EAP A Win for Both Employers and Employees

Preventing Small Problems from Becoming Much Larger Ones: Work-related stress typically builds up over time, and high stress levels can lead to conflicts with coworkers. With an EAP, employees can seek and receive help during the early stages of problems that may cause rising stress levels.

Help with Personal Issues: An EAP also provides assistance for issues outside of the job that may affect job performance. Problems including substance abuse, anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, grief over losing a loved one and parenting issues can all affect performance in the workplace. An EAP provides a way for employees to address these issues.

Employer Benefits

As an employer, participation in an EAP also produces direct benefits to your company. Since your employees have access to resources that can help address potentially debilitating problems, absenteeism and workforce turnover are reduced, leading to a more stable, healthy and productive workforce.

Your organization may also save on your health and workers’ comp insurance plan costs.2 Since employees can use the EAP to prevent or minimize stress-related illnesses, there will be less accidents and trips to the doctor, resulting in reduced insurance claims and premiums.

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