The Benefits of Taking Advantage of Your Company’s EAP

Published On: September 21, 2021|Categories: Employee Assistance Program|
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Let’s face it – employee burnout, absenteeism and tardiness, and even workplace violence, are more common in the workplace than many would care to admit. 

In a country that is hyper-focused on working to the point of exhaustion, while fearful of taking a mental health sick day and limited to the number of vacation days they can take; it’s no surprise that many individuals suffer from exhaustion, burnout and overall dissatisfaction in their job. 

This doesn’t have to be the narrative any longer. Through an employee assistance program, you can offer your employees mental health and wellness which not just positively impacts their lives, it positively impacts your company. 

What is an EAP? 

An employee assistance program (EAP) is a program offered through one’s company of employment that provides dozens of confidential treatment options to increase an employee’s health and wellness. Such treatment options include – focus on personal challenges such as grief and loss, substance abuse, relationship therapy and family counseling. In addition to those there are work-related challenges like – financial management, conflict-resolution and issues with management or company policies and procedures. 

What are EAP benefits? 

There are countless reasons why an employer would want to consider adding an EAP to their company, and just as many reasons for why an employee would want to take advantage of their company’s EAP. 

Employees benefit with: 

  • A personalized treatment plan that takes into consideration their personal experiences and individual needs and treatment goals. 
  • Access to care 24/7 through a hotline that provides both employees and employers alike the chance to get in contact with someone when they need it most, no matter the time of day.
  • Complete confidentiality, where nothing is shared with HR or the management, offering employees the opportunity to talk about personal, sensitive issues. 
  • Treatment for one’s immediate family, as issues like substance abuse, grief and loss or divorce can affect everyone.
  • Early intervention strategies, where access to an EAP can allow employees to talk about and resolve small inconveniences before they become monstrous difficulties. 
  • No consequences for taking advantage of the EAP, in that there is neither a cost nor a penalty for utilizing the counseling services.

When the mental health and wellness of their employees is kept at levels of high priority, the entire company benefits. 

Employers will see the benefits of an EAP in varying ways:

  • Reduced turnover and absenteeism 
  • Reduced presenteeism, where the employee is present but not fully capable of doing their work due to illness or another medical condition
  • Improved work performance and productivity 
  • Increased employee engagement 
  • Decreased work distress
  • Reduced overall healthcare claims costs
  • Minimized disability claims costs 

Put simply, an EAP preserves the health and wellness of their employees while saving time and money for the employer.

More than just “work stuff”

Sometimes it is incredibly difficult to “leave work at work” when you are experiencing conflict with a coworker, are feeling overworked and/or underappreciated or simply dissatisfied and don’t know what to do about it. Similarly, it can be just as difficult to “leave home at home” when you are stressed about your marriage, your children or your finances. Inevitably, all areas of our lives bleed into each other in some shape or form, which is why utilizing EAPs can be so beneficial. 

EAP counselors work with everyone, employees to employers, to handle these daily difficulties, and provide healthy coping mechanisms to help clients work through these challenges. Not only do they provide an outlet through which people can voice their concerns, frustrations and worries, but they offer concrete solutions to help clients learn exactly how to leave work at work and home at home. Inevitably, this leads to better focus, drive and performance at work, and more peace, better communication methods and newer perspectives for what is happening at home. 

Contact your EAP today 

Whether you are a manager or HR representative looking to integrate an employee assistance program into your company, or you are an employee wondering if it is worth it to reach out to the already-established EAP of your company, we encourage you to do it. It might offer you a new perspective, the stability you were looking for or the healthy turning point you were in need of.

For all your EAP needs, consider Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP. Reach out to speak with a representative or counselor today at 800-543-5080.

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