Second Careers to Consider in 2021

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There is a misconception that once we choose our career paths we are stuck in them forever. Some of us have chosen career paths during challenging times in our lives, like struggles with addiction or mental health issues, so a career change or a second career could be the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

If you have conquered your mental or behavioral health issues and are looking for a career change, consider the following opportunities:


Depending on the law firm, paralegals are not always required to earn a paralegal certificate. If you have work experience and are interested in working in law, get in touch with a legal recruiter to find an opportunity in a legal field that excites you. Paralegal positions offer fantastic opportunities for growth, and every day will be a learning experience.

Medical technician

Medical technicians, veterinary technicians and dental technicians are the backbones of their respective offices. If you have ever taken your pet to the vet, for example, it is a veterinary technician who intakes your pet and takes their vitals; likewise, it is dental technicians who are responsible for cleaning your teeth and preparing you for procedures. These positions will likely require some specific schooling and licensing, but working as a clinical technician is an exciting and rewarding hands-on experience.


If you have always had a knack for styling hair or giving manicures, consider going to school to become a cosmetologist. Once you choose your specialty and become licensed, you can either rent a space at a salon, work for a corporate chain or even open your own salon. Cosmetologists also have the flexibility to set their own hours and prices.

Human resources

Human resources is a relatively welcoming field to break into because you should not need to complete any additional schooling for entry-level positions, especially if you already have work experience. Positions like payroll coordinator, benefits coordinator and human resources coordinator all provide insight into the field of human resources as well as the ability to learn the ropes on the job.

Household helper

Working as a nanny or a household helper can be a full-time job if the family needs it to be. If you love being on your feet, planning engaging activities and keeping the house clean and organized, this is the career path for you. In addition to school pick-up and drop-offs, you could be responsible for transportation to and from extracurriculars, cooking and feeding meals, tidying up around the house, helping with homework, playing with toys or art supplies and planning fun outings. As a bonus, you will quickly feel right at home with the family and you will foster meaningful relationships.

Web or graphic designer

With a bit of creativity, dedication and maybe some free online courses, you can teach yourself how to design and/or build a website. Whether you are more interested in exploring your inner artist through graphic design or learning a programming language to build a website from the ground up, you will not often be bored as a designer and your services will always be in high demand.

Second jobs are also a great way to earn extra money, especially if you are expecting a child, planning a wedding or just want a bit more cushion than your current job provides.


Picking up a second job as a waiter for catered events would provide you with the flexibility to work evenings and weekends if you need to plan around a day job. Working at events can also provide a relatively reliable schedule; if you are able to get hired at a banquet hall or a wedding venue, you could likely be scheduled to work every weekend if you are available.


If you are only looking to pick up a few extra hours per week, freelancing is a great opportunity to use your skills and explore your hobbies. Popular freelancing industries include writing, designing, transcribing and translating, although there are opportunities out there for almost anything. With enough experience, a strong portfolio and the right connections, you could eventually turn freelancing into a full-time business.

Bookstore, local yarn shop, or record store

Think of some of your favorite hobbies, and then find out which of those hobbies have locally-owned shops in your areas. Not only will you be earning extra money, but you will essentially be getting paid to look at books, touch yarn, listen to music or talk about board games all day.

Babysitting, pet sitting, or house sitting 

Babysitting, pet sitting or house sitting are quintessential second jobs because you can gain initial experience through your friends and family. You can then start to spread the word around town or post on social media about the services you offer, and before you know it, your evenings will be booked (to the extent that you would like). You also have the flexibility of setting your own rates, and some happy customers may even offer a gratuity.

Whether you need help looking for second job ideas or just need general career counseling, Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP is here to support you. Reach out today at 1-800-543-5080.

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