Strategies to Make Leaders of Your Employees

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Strategies to Make Leaders of Your Employees

Businesses desiring growth need to groom their employees to be leaders, because as the business expands, it will ideally be able to draw from within its own ranks to promote employees who know the business and have been committed to its goals. If your business is showing signs of growth, it’s essential to make leaders of your employees. By encouraging their professional development, you can support your employees’ goals for career success while enhancing the professional qualities of your team.

Demonstrate Leadership Traits

Business leaders who aren’t good leaders aren’t going to be good mentors or teachers to their employees. One of the best ways to make leaders of your employees is to be a good leader yourself and demonstrate strong leadership traits.1 Great leaders earn respect from their employees by being respectful, honest, and trustworthy—ironically, some of the same traits that make up great people. Simply by showing you are ethical, you can encourage employees to cultivate these traits too.

Invest in Training

You can make leaders of your employees by investing in their training and professional development. After all, you aren’t the only person who can turn your employees into great leaders. Send your promising employees to conferences, workshops and training courses that touch on leadership topics. You don’t always have to send them on expensive trips either. Webinars, podcasts and online conferences can also support leadership development.

Delegate Responsibility

Employees who are given important responsibilities in the company can test their skills, but the gift of responsibility also makes them feel valued and invested in their role. Leaders, of course, must be able to claim and handle responsibility well.2 Business owners or managers who do it all aren’t providing their employees with the learning opportunity to do some of the important work. If you intend for your business to grow, you’ll need employees who can also share in the integral work of the business.

Teach Collaboration

Make Leaders of Your Employees

To make leaders of your employees, you will need to encourage them to work well with their teams. Quality leadership isn’t about bossing other adults around; it’s about building and working with teams. Teach your employees to network and collaborate with other employees. Their ability to interact well with a team will serve them once they take on their own leadership roles. People who cannot collaborate or who don’t value collaboration don’t typically make good leaders in today’s business climate. By promoting communication and collaboration, you can encourage employees to value these pursuits within the business setting.

Some people are born leaders, but some people can grow to become extraordinary leaders when they have mentors who invest in their development. By helping your employees to grow, you give your colleagues the gift of your time and knowledge, but you also enhance your business climate and the people who make your business work. Take time to consider these and other ways you can encourage your employees to strive to be good leaders.


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