Hiring in the Digital Age: 5 Modern Recruitment Trends to Adopt

Published On: July 23, 2020|Categories: Employers|
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Perhaps more than anything else, the hiring process can absolutely make or break the success of a business. There’s nothing worse than hiring the wrong individual, and there’s arguably no greater corporate triumph than watching the right hire do the right job at the right time.

No matter the size, the success of a business largely depends on the quality of its workforce and the talent it attracts when hiring new personnel.

A resource-intensive and time-consuming hiring process puts a lot of pressure on the HR staff, especially since the consequences of an incorrect hire can compromise corporate productivity, stunt vision and even detriment profits – sometimes up to 30% of that employee’s first-year income.

In the wake of the digital age comes entirely new recruitment trends, adopted by many HR departments for faster, more efficient hiring. Recruitment professionals nationwide are now enabled to make smarter, data-driven hiring decisions.

We’ve outlined 5 of the absolute top recruitment trends that have surfaced in the digital age, to help you attract modern, top talent and hire the candidates best suited for your posted job vacancies.

1.  Improving Your Processes With AI

Artificial intelligence has been baptized into many industries in recent years; its latest use is rooted in its ability to help you facilitate fast, easy recruitment. AI can help you systematically identify top talent in a fraction of the normal time, all while simplifying and improving your hiring process as a whole.

AI tools can be used for various purposes, including candidate sourcing and the nurturing, screening and interviewing of applicants.

Automated tools allow HR professionals to make better hiring decisions, as AI can screen and analyze thousands of applicants, as their programming can almost instantly determine candidates match required skills and experience requirements. In addition, these decisions are computerized and unbiased, as AI can reach conclusions on objective criteria alone.

Ultimately, HR professionals can better allocate energy toward essential tasks requiring personal attention, while AI learning autonomously filters candidate criteria.

Furthermore, a conversational AI platform can keep candidates engaged during the entire selection process, significantly improving their experience and preventing stagnation at any point.

AI-powered chatbots can provide candidates with the latest updates, feedback and suggestions, while asking and answering questions related to job requirements.

2.  Employer Branding

If you want to attract and hire top talent, it’s in your best interest to establish and sustain a credible reputation.

Companies that struggle with their employer brand often experience problems attracting candidates. Even when they do land candidates, they face a challenge in retaining new hires. A LinkedIn report shows that 75% of job seekers will check the employers’ reputation before they even apply for a position, visiting both their website and social media profiles.

Websites like Glassdoor house feedback from genuine company employees, and definitively impact whether your target candidates choose to engage with your business. As a successful business, you’ll want to cultivate online feedback that accurately reflects the best your brand offers. And positive employee feedback begins with positive employee experiences – seek to foster and sustain a positive and productive corporate environment, so that when employees do leave reviews, they’re singing your praises.

3.  Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing works in tandem with employer branding, a set of strategies with the same goal – nurturing and attracting the right people to your company.

Using well-tried marketing techniques and tactics like consumer avatars and prospect funneling, you nurture your target candidates through the talent acquisition funnel – first making them aware of your company, and then sparking their interest for the future active engagement.

Current digital trends call for inbound recruitment marketing, a demonstrated improvement over outbound hiring where recruiters engage cold candidates about potential openings.

This means that businesses should proactively focus on attracting talent and creating a talent pool, with a simple goal in mind: make those top picks choose your company as their next employer.

4.  Targeted Job Ads

Targeted job ads are another trend that, when deployed correctly, help further your other marketing techniques used for recruiting purposes.

To attract your ideal candidate, it’s crucial to present them with a well-crafted, precisely tailored ad. If you want to achieve this goal, you need to use the right keywords, job descriptions and details, so that this career opportunity comes across as relevant to any and all potential candidates.

Fortunately, tools such as Fetch or Textio can help you create a perfect job ad that attract the talent you need while fitting your ideal candidate’s needs like a glove.

5.  Video Interviewing

Thanks to technological advances and the opportunities that come with working remotely, you don’t have to worry about conducting in-person candidate interviews. Forget scheduling conflicts, candidates’ travel expenses and the time wasted simply preparing for an interview on both ends: there’s a better way to expedite the entire interview process.

Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts meetings can function as a perfect replacement for an official job interview, helping everyone involved save significant resources. If the interviewer and interviewee can spare the necessary time, hiring departments can eliminate less suitable candidates with minimal hassle.

At the same time, your odds of hiring a perfectly matched candidate who lives miles away are now much higher, thanks to the fact that the digital world knows no borders.

Even if you only put a few of the above hiring suggestions to work, the results could entirely overhaul your recruitment process. Your company will be able to create its own talent pool, sustain success attracting top candidates for any open position, and retain candidates like you never could before, all thanks to distinct advantages that the digital age offers recruiters.


Jennifer Wilson is a writer at Qeedle.com. She knows business processes and operations management inside and out. As she understands all the challenges of running a small business firsthand, it’s her mission to tackle the topics that are most relevant to entrepreneurs and offer viable solutions.

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