6 Industries that Need EAP Services

Published On: August 6, 2021|Categories: Employee Assistance Program|
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An employee assistance program (EAP) is an employer-sponsored program that provides free and confidential services to its employees. Employees are able to take advantage of  – mental health counseling, career counseling, family services, drug and alcohol treatment, life coaching, financial planning and counseling, domestic violence support, stress management, couples counseling, community resources and legal support. 

In high-stress industries, employees often feel pressured to consistently perform at their very best, sometimes at a salary that is not commensurate with the stress of the position. Stress on the job, when combined with personal challenges at work, can quickly lead to burnout. It is of critical importance that employees feel supported both at work and at home, and EAP services can help provide employees with the resources they need to feel secure. The industries highlighted below can particularly benefit from a robust EAP to support their hardworking employees. 


The legal field is notorious for requiring long hours, tight deadlines and significant workloads. Attorneys bear a massive amount of responsibility, but they aren’t the only employees who could benefit from EAP services. Law firms are well-oiled machines made up of paralegals, legal assistance, administrative support, business development representatives and finance staff. Each of these employees operates within a high-stress environment, with their own deadlines and responsibilities to answer for, and an EAP can help them manage that stress while treating any underlying mental health concerns. 


Retail employees are on the front lines of grocery stores, general merchandise stores, clothing stores and more. They are not at all responsible for what is in stock and what is not, or which coupons work that day, but they are on the receiving end of customer dissatisfaction. Day-in and day-out, experiencing this at work will become exhausting. Retail workers can benefit from all of the services EAPs offer as they can help manage the stress that manifests work and at home.  


Waiters, bussers, chefs, cooks and bartenders work day and night, seven days per week, in order to nourish us on date nights, celebrations and holidays. The front-of-house food service staff often take the blame for mistakes or delays, which can take a toll on their mental health. Further, employees who rely on tips rather than a fixed wage may experience financial instability. An EAP would be beneficial for food service workers who want to begin mental health counseling, as well as those who might need financial and community resources. 


Transportation employees truly make the world go round. Air traffic controllers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, train and metro conductors, pilots and flight attendants are entrusted with the lives of our loved ones every day; which is no small task. Transportation employees also witness a great deal of trauma, from accidents to assaults to intentional injuries, all while being reminded of the weight of their responsibility to keep us safe. Free and frequent grief and mental health counseling would help transportation employees to keep themselves safe as well. 


Journalists, photojournalists, reporters and broadcasters are always there when we need them, but what goes into their reporting the latest scoop is not always appreciated. Journalists are among the first on the scene of terrorist attacks and natural disasters; broadcast anchors must maintain their composure when reporting heartbreaking news. They witness and live through traumatic events so they can distill it for us into more palatable news. With this kind of repeated exposure, those working in the news and media spaces must have the opportunity to protect their mental health. 


Our teachers are molding the young minds of our future, often for long hours and low salaries. Teachers are often expected to grade homework and make lesson plans at home, outside of work hours, which makes it difficult to maintain a work-life balance and tend to responsibilities at home. In addition, as mandated reporters, teachers are sometimes exposed to the abuse and neglect that some of their students are suffering. Teachers around the country would benefit from free and safe EAP services that can provide the support and coping tools they need. 

Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP is an employee assistance provider dedicated to serving employees and employers alike. Reach out today at 800-543-5080 to learn more about how an EAP can benefit you and your employees in the face of mental health concerns. 

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