How Employee Assistance Programs Benefit Your Mental Health

Published On: December 23, 2020|Categories: Employees|
how eaps benefit mental health

Employee assistance programs – or EAPs – help employees manage both private and professional interests and issues. Employees can turn to employee assistance programs for a wide variety of circumstances, everything from mental health therapy to financial planning, career concerns to marital and relationship counseling.

Mental illness represents a major concern that employee assistance programs help employees navigate. Some studies indicate that as many as one in five adults in America are challenged by mental health issues. And given the global effects that the pandemic has had on so many individuals across the world, a focus on mental health is likely more important than ever before. Especially during a time when so many individuals are out of work, when families are feeling financial and social pressure, employees need and deserve effective outlets for proven mental health management.

During unprecedented times, employee assistance programs can help you prioritize mental health, no matter the challenges you’re facing.

Core mental health services

Employee assistance programs offer a variety of individual mental health services. If you are someone who is struggling with a mood disorder, depression, stress or anxiety, employee assistance programs help connect you with mental health resources, valuable treatment modalities and licensed healthcare professionals.

Your EAP will look to connect you with the therapist, psychiatrist or licensed professional best qualified to help you satisfy your mental concerns, via evidence-based services that help put you back in control of your own thoughts and feelings. Many employee assistance programs offer a combination of individual, group, family and couples counseling, to help you deal with mental health concerns as they arise.

Balanced personal and professional lives

One of the biggest benefits to employee assistance programs is the fact that they help you balance your work life and your personal life. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when dealing with the stresses of work, compounded by personal issues. Fortunately, EAPs help you manage physical and mental health while balancing personal concerns with professional circumstances.

Imagine how much better you’ll feel, and how much better your employees will feel, once you’ve taken the time to enroll in work/life mental health services that help you to appropriately deal with all aspects of life. You’ll learn where to draw lines between occupational and personal priorities, and how to manage the challenge of balancing the day’s limited hours between work and home life. Your employees thank you in advance for helping them cope with all the challenges that balancing personal and professional challenges.

Career advice

EAPs can also help you manage mental health concerns through career counseling services. Even if you’re comfortable and secure in the job you’re currently holding, career counseling services can help you get even more out of your occupation. In addition, if you need help dealing with workplace issues, or if you’re considering a career transition, career counseling services from your employee assistance program can help you make informed, confident decisions regarding your future and the future of your family.

It’s important to note that career counseling is far more than simply helping you determine the high-level direction that you want your life to head. Rather, career counseling can help you on a day-to-day basis, whether that means helping you mitigate office challenges, finding more opportunities to thrive in the fulfillment of your current position, even making life decisions that will directly or indirectly benefit your career. Ultimately, career counseling through your EAP helps you both identify the direction you want your career to take, and navigate any current situations that your job may present. Career counseling is simply one more way that your employee assistance program helps you promote strong, long-lasting mental health.

Financial asset management

Did you know that your employee assistance program can also offer financial counseling? It’s true: many EAPs make it a priority to help you manage your finances. Whether you’re just getting started managing your finances or you’re a seasoned pro, financial asset management from your EAP can help you better manage your assets.

Financial counseling helps you satisfy basic financial benchmarks. These include tips and practical steps to avoiding bankruptcy, advice on establishing a solid savings plan, information on systematically eliminating debt and budgeting basics. This is just another way that your employee assistance program can help you manage mental health concerns, one issue at a time.

Giving your mental health the advocate it deserves

Employee assistance programs help employees all over the world address both personal and professional challenges, on a daily basis. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health has become a primary concern for many. At Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP, we understand how easily mental health concerns can impact job performance, and we’re committed to helping employees live happy, healthy lives. Call 1-800-543-5080, or reach out to Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP, for more information on EAP services or to start embracing mental health benefits today.

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